iPhone models, comparing XS, XS Max and XR

The new iPhone models are out. To compare the 3 models XS, XS Max and XR, this link from Apple is a good source.

For the average user, this is the summary of key differences:

XS = 5.8 inch
XS Max = 6.5 inch
XR = 6.1 inch

XS & XS Max = OLED

Contrast Ratio
XS & XS Max = 1 million:1
XR = 1400:1

Camera Zoom
XS & XS Max = 2x Optical zoom
XR = No optical Zoom

Almost all the other features are same across the 3 models. Due to the size difference there is some variation in weight and battery life.

Now coming to the price tag:

XS = from $999
XS Max = from $1099
XR = from $749

Enjoy your shopping!

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